Scope of piles treatment in Ayurveda without surgery

Among most of the anal diseases, piles are also a major problem found in most males and females at anal region of body. There are many people, who have been suffering from piles of different stages that can be at first, second, and third stage that is very critical one. The piles patients are always in search of better solutions or the way of treatment with no surgery at all. Many of the doctors and surgeons do recommend to going for piles treatment through surgery, as this mode of treatment is a final option to get rid of the situation.

But majority of piles patients are scared of doing surgery for the disease, as it’s not easy and sometimes lead patient to death state. So, affected people are seeking for any other way to treat piles without any surgery. In medical sciences, Ayurveda is the branch of science that suggests some vital ways to cure piles with surgical treatment. Ayurveda has made possible to get piles treatment without surgery and positive results. Let’s understand few following things about piles such as:

What are piles ?

Anal piles are small nodes originate at anal canal of human body. These are arising due to several factors such as constipation, eating much spicy food, bacterial infection at anal region, wanted sex through anus and many more. Piles may develop at inner and outside and anal canal. There are different stages of piles in which they have varied treatments as well.

Symptoms of Piles

These painful nodes at anal canal give immense pain. Sometimes nodes give blood at their peek stages.

Piles Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has ample of solutions to treat piles of all stages. For treating piles at first stage, ksharkarma procedure is applied which leads to control bleeding and reversion of the pile mass. There is no surgery required during treatment. In the second and third stage of piles, the mass is joined by using kshar-sutra as an opd procedure. After it, piles mass flow over for a week or ten days.

Usually, there is no need to get hospitalized or go for bed rest, as the treatment give only little or no pain. Whole treatment will be done under the supervision of expert Ayurvedic doctors. Hence, this is all about the natural and permanent piles treatment without surgery. So, it’s easy to get rid of piles without surgery by adopting Ayurveda remedies or therapies suggested by the recommended Ayurvedic centers or clinics in India.

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