Insight on How Ayurveda Can Cure Diabetes

The term diabetes mellitus has been derived from two words; diabetes means excess urination and mellitus means honey. It is a lifelong medical condition caused by the lack or insufficient production from the β cells of the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone of vital importance. It acts as a key to open the door of your cells to let the sugar in. In people suffering from diabetes, very less insulin is secreted from the β cells of the pancreas. So, the sugar in the blood circulation cannot enter the muscle to release energy. As a result, the value of sugar in the blood circulation becomes too high. The normal range of fasting blood sugar is 70 -110 mg/dl. Anyone who has fasting blood sugar level above 150 mg/dl is termed as diabetic.

Types of Diabetes

Normally there are three types of diabetes; type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

• Type 1 diabetes: — In case of type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce any insulin. In this form of diabetes, own immune system of a person can mistakenly destroy the insulin-producing islets of Langerhans cells in the pancreas. This type of diabetes is generally diagnosed in the children and young adults.

• Type 2 diabetes: — In type 2 diabetes the pancreas produces an insufficient quantity of insulin. Mostly this type of diabetes is diagnosed in the middle-aged people.

• Gestational diabetes: — The gestation diabetes develops in the pregnant women. Generally, this type of diabetes goes away after the baby is born. But the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life increases in the women suffering from gestational diabetes.

What is Diabetes in Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda diabetes is termed as Prameh. Generally, any medical conditions which are related to kidney dysfunction or abnormal changes in the urinary system have been included under Prameh. There are 20 sub-types of Prameh. 10 out of them are termed as kaphaj prameh (a condition with kapha dosha), 6 sub-types as pittaj prameh (a condition with pitta dosha) and 4 sub-types with vataj prameh (a condition with vata dosha).

The kaphaj prameh is the least complicated and easily curable form of prameh. The pittaj and vataj prameh are respectively more acute form of prameh. The most complicated and incurable form of prameh is the madhumeh in Ayurveda or diabetes mellitus. According to the general experience of ayurvedic upacharyas, if the kaphas prameh and vataj prameh are not resolved timely, it may lead to madumeh in Ayurveda.

What are the ayurvedic remedies for diabetes?

Madhumeh in Ayurveda cannot be treated completely, but it can be kept under control by taking proper ayurvedic medicine for sugar patients, lifestyle changes, change in diet and proper exercise.

This article would be focused on the lifestyle changes as ayurvedic remedies in diabetes and ayurvedic medicine for sugar patients.

Lifestyle changes as ayurvedic remedies in diabetes

In addition to diabetic medicines in Ayurveda, some lifestyles changes are also recommended to keep madhumeh under control. Some of them are discussed below.

Wake up Time Ayurveda recommends you to wake up early in the dawn, preferable time should not be beyond 6 am. After waking up you should spend ample time in exercise and consume a glass of lukewarm water mixed with two teaspoonfuls of fresh lemon juice every day to clean up your system.

Breakfast Ayurveda recommends having whole grains in the breakfast. Fresh milk and seasonal fruits are also a good choice for diabetic breakfast. Proper timely intake of diabetic medicine in Ayurveda is a must.

At Work You should carry filling snacks all the time if you are an office-goer. Ayurveda advises you not to keep your stomach empty. Almonds, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds can be taken from time to time.

Daytime Sleep Ayurveda advises the non-working diabetic patients not to sleep during the daytime. It increases the Kledaka Kapha, which is sub-dosha of Kapha and governs the protective mucous lining of the digestive system. If the Kledeka Kapha increases it may lead to impairment of digestion.

Diabetic Medicine in Ayurveda

Some natural plant products seeds, vegetables, fruits, and spices are excellent diabetic medicine in Ayurveda. They help to keep the blood sugar level under control for a long time. A few of them are discussed below.

Jamun Seeds

Jamun seeds are good ayurvedic medicine for sugar patients. They can be dried and powdered to keep the type 2 diabetes under control. They should be taken in the dose of 1 tsp twice daily with warm water. The chewing of Jamun leaves also prevents the conversion of starch into sugar and thus regulates the blood sugar level.

Methi Seeds

The methi or fenugreek seeds are also beneficial in controlling diabetes. You can grind 100g of methi seeds along with 25g of turmeric and consume it with a glass of milk every day. The seeds can also be soaked in warm water overnight and chewed in the morning. Chapattis can also be prepared by mixing methi powder along with wheat flour.

These are a few ways by which ayurveda can help to control madhumeh.



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