What Are the Symptoms of Migraine | Ath Ayurdhamah

Wondering whether you have migraine or not? Nearly 30–35 million people in the US have migraine. Women are more likely to suffer from headaches than men. Migraines, the pulsating headaches, can either affect one side of the head or both sides. Physical activities and physical exertion can aggravate the pain but still the symptoms of migraine vary from individual to individual. You may treat the issue naturally, but let us check out the probable signs or symptoms of migraine.

Aura: The First Sign of Migraine

There are some individuals who experience aura when they have migraine. Some of the common auras include flickering lights, visual lights, some lines and spots. You may see zig-zag line developing into cross hatches or some lines moving in a curved direction. Before the pain in the head sets in, you may experience aura for 10–30 minutes.

Mood Swings Causing Irritability and Depression

Sudden change in the mood is the first sign of migraine. Certain patients feel depressed for no reasons at all. As per the Dutch researchers, there are some sorts of links between your genetics, migraine and depression. The pain can become very chronic if the depression gets severe.

Inability to Get a Restful Sleep

If you find it difficult to sleep or if you wake up tired after sleeping for some time, the cause may be migraine. Migraine attack takes place more frequently in those who cannot enjoy a restful sleep. Many people suffering from insomnia are diagnosed with migraine.

Throbbing Headache

Anyone suffering from migraine will experience a throbbing headache which is confined to one side of the head. The throbbing pain is simply unbearable and thus there is a need to use natural remedy for migraine. You may use icepack to relieve the pain. Pulsating pain is the classic symptom of migraine.

Pain behind the Eye and the Eyebrows

It is already found out that migraine pain often burrows behind your eyes. The pain is however not due to the eye strain, but due to migraine.

Stiff Neck Leading to Pain in the Neck and the Head

People often complain of stiff neck that finally causes a headache. When there is a pulsating pain in the neck or at the back of the neck, this shows that the sufferer has migraine. Nearly 38% of the patients have neck pain due to migraine.

Frequent Urination

If one frequently urinates, this again suggests that migraine is on its way. Prior to a migraine attack, people usually experience this symptom.

Tingling Sensation and Numbness

Migraine patients often suffer from sensory aura whereby they have a tingling sensation moving from the tip of the fingers towards the arms and finally to the head. There can either be a lack of sensation or the feeling of pins and needles.

Vomiting and Nausea

Nearly 73% of migraine patients suffer from nausea when they have a migraine pain. Then, 30% of patients vomit when the pain is severe. People who suffer from nausea coupled with migraine, their pain is more severe than others.

Increased Sensitivity to Noise and Light

A migraine patient cannot tolerate noise and bright lights. When the pain attacks, the patient seeks refugee in darkness and wishes to avoid the light. The migraine pain intensifies when there is a loud noise or flashes of bright light. Apart from this, certain smells and fragrances can also trigger the attack.

Physical Activity Worsening the Pain

Even the everyday routine activities like climbing stairs, brisk walking can make the migraine pain worse. If the pain on the head increases due to such easy going activities, it shows that the person has migraine.

Other Symptoms of Migraine

Headache hangover is another symptom where a person feels that the body is being pummeled. Recent research shows that the migraine patients suffer from fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, weakness and loss of energy.

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