Is there a cure for Vitiligo ?

Management and re-pigmentation of white spots is possible through herbal treatment. Herbs work on cause of Vitiligo and cure the problem internally. Improvement in immunity also is done by herbs which assures spread control.

Vitiligo is a complex disorder as it is an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmunity can be caused due to various factors which affects the metabolism adversely. The disturbed metabolic system disturbs immunity and as a result the body cells starts its own degeneration. As a result the melanin producing cells gets either dormant or gets dead. This causes nil production of pigments, as a result a white spot appears.

Taking untimely food, Intake of odd food combinations, access intake of vitamin c rich food & antibiotics etc. can disturb the metabolic system and then stage is autoimmunity occurs.

Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is based on herbs and herbal formulations which has two aspects. First to control vitiligo spread by treating autoimmunity and second to provide pigmentation by energizing the dormant or dead melanocyte cells and start the process of melanogenesis.

Cure for vitiligo is possible through Anti vitiligo kit treatment. New cases of vitiligo generally gets healed within 4–6 weeks while older and steroidal cases takes some more time depending on the case history. Online consultation can be taken with an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist on Ayurhealthline website.