Moringa oleiefra- side effects

Moringa is safe when used meticulously. It’s fruit, leaves, and seeds are good when consumed as food. Anyway, Moringa’s root and its extracts should not be consumed as food. The pernicious substance may be present in the roots and its extracts which can cause paralysis and even death. Moringa is harmless when intake dosage is up to 6 grams per day for 3 weeks. Though Moringa is known for its health benefits, there aren’t sufficient facts to know if moringa is secure as a medicinal ingredient.

Moringa Oleifera

In order to enhance breast milk yield, Moringa can be utilized. Few findings advocate regarding increased yield. Anyhow, there isn’t sufficient statistical data to prove whether it is harmless for the nursing infant. Hence, it is good not to consume moringa during breastfeeding.

Though Moringa is regarded to be harmless, yet there are some side effects if used in an inept way.

· Moringa’s root holds an alkaloid called as spirochin that may lead to paralysis and even death. Thus, it’s better to avoid eating the Moringa root to prevent casualties.

· The purgative properties of leaves can cause cardialgia, diarrhea, gaseous bloating and stomach problem, on being eaten in huge amount.

· Consume Moringa with honey or some other natural sweeteners as it is bad in taste.

· The chemicals present in Moringa’s leaves and barks can lead to uterine diminution and enhance the chance of a miscarriage

· Moringa sometimes interfaces with blood thinners such as warfarin and should be avoided while consuming drugs.

· Some of the statistical findings have shown that Moringa can lead to disorders affecting blood cells, bleeding of the gums, and petechiae.

With the plant’s ability to help the weight loss, you do not have to lighten your pockets on products that do not certainly assure definite outcome. Moringa is generally designated as a wonder tree due to the health benefits it is laden with.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: It is risky to utilize the bark, root, or flowers of moringa during pregnancy. Chemicals present in them can cause deflation in uterus leading to a complexity in pregnancy. There are not enough facts available about the safety of using other parts of moringa during pregnancy. Be on the safer side and prevent its consumption when you are pregnant.