Is the act of praying the original mastermind idea?

I find prayer boxes charming. I have never entered into the competition but each time I see one I get a little softer. I think it’s nice. It’s nice like an orphans Christmas — the ones where a bunch of you get together because you either can’t make it somewhere or you haven’t been invited anywhere. They always end up fun because there’s no expectation just instant gratitude and a general politeness. You can be just you.

Napoleon Hill was a guy that noticed that the success of business magnates like Ford and Wrigley were due to regular meetings where they were nice to each other. They helped with advice on business decisions just because they sincerely wished them success. His idea can also be made tiny like a relationship. When two people sincerely wish the other the very best it creates a tide that raises all boats.

Sincerity being the modus operandi.

In Ayurveda the sincerity of your cook brings healing into your food. The sincerity of the herb picker and manufacturer brings healing through the herbal pharmacopoeia.

That’s one side.

Now consider that the person receiving the advice/food/herbs were to receive it with sincerity. That’s another interesting thought. Has something not worked for you before, in terms of healing, and you deemed yourself “unable to heal?”.

The question is whether the relationship has sincerity. Could one side supercede the other? I don’t know. It seems probable that depending on the level of faith it could be so.

One of my most favourite anecdotes from the Ayurvedic industry was a practitioner that visited a regular cafe where she knew the chef. She ate lunch and felt amazing after the meal. She (cleverly) asked the chef how he felt. “Funny you should ask, I woke up feeling really great this morning.”

Feelings and intentions in actions can move mountains.

I think prayer boxes are wonderful. It requires the party to write their thoughts to get them out of their heads as well as asking to be part of the community. It gives the prayer person the opportunity to listen and also think of another. It’s also really good to forget your own dramas.

They seem like little forgotten doorways that bridge humanity. Just like paper books in libraries, I hope they never go away.