Ayurvedic Treatment for Pain Management

Pain has been a common issue amongst all age groups, mostly people face pain issues like neck pain, stomach pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, chest pain, gas pain, migraine, muscle pain and wrist pain irrespective of profession, diet, and routines. The ancient medical system, Ayurveda, explains that pain is related to aggravation of the functional element of the body, known as “vata dosha”, which occurs due to accumulation of toxins, which obstruct the circulation, and thus result in pain. According to Ayurveda, a holistic approach is recommended that involves medicines and therapies for pain relief.

Ayurvedic advice is recommended to manage chronic pain so as to detect the problem at the initial level even before the pain overpowers you. Body massages have proved to be helpful and they should never be ignored, if ignored this will only lead to pain aggravated situations. The unconscious habits play a crucial role in pain occurring and they include things such as suppressing emotions, tensing muscles, eating foods which can be over processed and refined foods, too much caffeine intakes and not taking enough water. These exact things can expose you to pain because they affect dosha and vata that governs the factors affecting the pain.

There can be different types of pain like but the most common is muscle pain, which happens due to sprain or wrong posture. Pain which disappears with home treatments such as rest or medications, or is treated with the aid of allopathic drugs, however, that can lead to side effects in some serious situation surgery is also recommended.

To avoid pain one needs to be vigilant and conscious about the eating habits and a good diet on a regular basis, which pays off tremendously in the situations of excruciating joint pain and swelling. Selective foods are inflammatory in nature, but other food items have anti-inflammatory potential and act as herbal solutions for joint stiffness and pain.

We believe it’s always safe to go for Ayurvedic treatment for pain at its initial level to avoid any kind of side effects which happens due to allopathic drugs. So we recommend taking Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurvedic advice from an expert for the pains like neck pain, stomach pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, chest pain, gas pain, migraine, muscle pain and wrist pain.

It can be easily controlled by Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurvedic advice through proper aahar and vihar habits with some Ayurvedic herbs if required.
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