Why Indians need more dreams

Time and again, I have dreamt long hours about an ideal society. It all used to start with questions like who we are, what do we want, why do we want and so on. Here are some of my views..

W e are human beings, the most intelligent species on a planet called Earth. We have existed and evolved over several millennia. We have met our basic physiological needs as a species. We are least likely to have a world war again in future. There are disturbed portions on our planet, but in India, the massive middle class is a symbol of safety and security of all the means required to sustain life.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in the coming years we need to meet our needs of love/belonging and esteem.

But since we are a big group of cultural diversities in India, we have been strong as a society. We have smaller caste divisions beyond our religious divisions. We live in joint families. We are culturally woven with people of different religions. Therefore in our society, the need of love/ belonging is actually fulfilled even before our physiological needs.

Self-Esteem & Self-Respect

In 2016, the heightened connectivity among the people across the globe has led to the formulation of a high standard ethical character. It has made the Indian consumers the king. The atrocities and monopolies of the government and the rich have come into strict check. The widely common nuances of the government personnel are now widely discussed.

Now, when the middle class family has access to information about popular global solutions to their problems, there will be a need for people to express themselves. It is pertinent for the people to involve themselves in activities which would help them sustain their lives and be respected.

A quite distinguishing trait that I observe through films in the behaviour of people of developed nations is they promote positive challenge. The people have some degree of fair role play. Whereas in India, people love to play dirty and pull each other down rather than encouraging fair competition.

There is tremendous scope in various sectors for people to get involved.

Being a close witness and victim, I have chosen to alter the learning process currently being followed in schools today.

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