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S/o to Daphne aka Sunny for the expert photo editing skills!

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably either:

1. Interested in interning at Policygenius

2. Interested in interning anywhere in the FinTech industry

3. Want to learn more about the experience of working at Pg, or

4. Fell asleep on your mouse and your nose accidentally clicked the link (it happens).

Regardless of how you landed here — except for maybe the option 4-ers — I think that one of the most telling ways of what it’s like to work at any company in any industry is what an intern experiences. For 8–12 weeks of the summer, you are thrown into an expedited full-time employee track and have the freedom to dip your toes into a variety of engaging problems that are aligned with your interests — the company, the tech, the product, etc. …

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