Designing large application is a major challenge in an enterprise. Team size increases, features start to overload application, code quality and management become tougher day after day. So what could be a good design / prototype for your software in present time. What formula can solve your problem and development…

Recently, I was updating my Portfolio and I have realised that I need a datastore for my project list. A document where I can add name, description, links and status of project easily and see the changes on my portfolio just after saving sheet.

I made a google spreadsheet and set the headers as follows:

  • name — Project Name
  • description — Short desscription of project.
  • link — Github link
  • status — boolean True/False

After saving your sheet go into file sections and publish it on web to get the access using spreadsheet API.

Headers are the key to access values. Link to sheet.

Below, I have added a working example on JS Fiddle.

IIFE is termed as Immediately Invoked Function Expression. Sometimes you need to call the function, just after it’s definition. IIFE is the approach which can be very helpful in this case.

To understand IIFE, Let’s take an example:

var results = [];var i;for (i = 0; i <…


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