What is it with people? Can I work for credit? Can I work for barter? ***k no!

Just read an article on PetaPixel (click here) about how CBS asked a Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer David Carson if they could use his photos for publication in return for credit.

Digital Asset Management • for Photographers

What do you do after your shoot? save your images/footage in a hard drive? and voila! nope! not done!

Managing your photos and videos have become a very crucial process in the entire post production workflow. From personal experience I can tell you that saving it in one hard drive is not good enough. You have to have a backup of the data in another hard drive, preferably a different brand. Just because you have the best hard-drive money can buy does not mean it’s safe.

I also save my data in the cloud…

Ayush Das

Director of Photography, Fashion Photographer & Photojournalist • Mumbai, India

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