So… it’s 2nd week of July. Yesterday, I completed 6 years of my professional journey that started on 11th July 2011 in Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India.

Taking time to thank National Instruments for being an amazing career launchpad. The learning of the industry, products and solutions with them for India-Russia-Arabia (IndRA) region. The corporate culture, business nuances, great leadership, amazing travel, countless training sessions, numerous client site visits, impressive research project exposure, premier Govt. organisational reach and world-class private-sector leader network. All that it nurtured me with, was just too perfect for it to be true for a son of public servant and a house wife with no-one from the family having even an engineering degree then. (Now I have 11 first cousins with engineering degree, a big family ain’t we.)

A journey, of a brilliant student raised in middle-class environment in the suburbs of Jabalpur to a national pool of the best-student lot in IIT Bombay, was already too much to take-in by my family and social network. To make it larger, I scored my first ever full time employment with one of the top companies visiting the campus. I was too naive to realize what it all means to my family. It was exactly what they they ever wanted.

2 years later on my birthday, I took entrepreneurship as my career choice and it spoilt their long crafted, beautiful dream that they were finally living.

It’s been 4 years for me now, in this evolving ecosystem. I have launched 4 startups, 3 of them made it bigger than we could imagine, with one most miserable failure as the start of this journey. I din’t stop.

I have used time, learnings and resources to advise 30+ other early stage startups in 7 sectors in all 5 Indian startup Hub-cities and learnt from their journeys as well. But then, to my family and blood relatives, I still am a reason of ‘their’ fall.

So, fellow/upcoming first-generation entrepreneurs, CHOOSE wisely. Know who you are, who they are. It’s rough for them, all the times and in-return much more rough to you, on top of your already challenging journey.

I was there, did another launch with another team. New Market, Idea, Product, Founders, Customers, Investors, everything fresh and all over. I rebounded, thrice. And so you can.