Baby steps

A step at a time …

I was a lazy sloth. I was a procrastinator. I had won, I had lost and I lack discipline. And theses qualities of mine, as I would like to call them as qualities soon started to hindered my growth and became a reason for stress. I might have lost many opportunities back then but I never realised or may be I was too lazy to look for them.

I wasn’t always like this, I was very active kid. I use to do my homework, go out to play everyday, bully other kids around. Actually, I was a really active kid. Then the teen years came in and with the changes, I developed new habits like lying jobless on the bed, day dreaming, spending more time on screen and I had also started to skip bathing as well. So I had started well on the path of laziness. Then came college, made it worse for me. I was a scholar and scholar’s had attendance expedition in my college. So I continued.

I became a big time procrastinator. I started to study one day before exam, had to do all nighters for the term-ends, sometimes back to back and each year I thought I will start my prep early but it kept on going worse. Companies came in my campus, I had planned to start my prep early but here again, it was only when the first opening was emailed, I started my prep in full swing. Again, were the all nights, interviews and prep ran in a loop and I got placed in super dream company. I realised, I perform really well when given a time constraint and under deadline. So I continued.

It was after I had worked in the company for a year, got promoted and it was all going well from the that I realised something is not right. This habit of procrastinating started turning into habit of not doing the pending task at all. I was settled in my comfortable niche. I was living a dead life. I had stopped playing or working out, somehow my metabolism was maintaining my weight till date but suddenly it gave!

Now I was getting fat, my clothes won’t fit me. I was forgetting things. I was mostly confused about my decisions. I had frequent head aches and health issues. And I was cribbing about everything good and bad around me. This had to change, this had to stop!

I started making plans, made my goal board. I started with daily goals, monthly and yearly goals. They were very well planned. I have always been an expert on planning. I tried to follow that but since I had no discipline, I lost it. I tried again, I got up and I started making monthly plans with rewards, like

Lose 1 kg weight = a new t-shirt

Things which I wanted to get, I made them rewards of things I should do. Even this plan failed!

Then I came to weekly plans, on a sunday evening’s I wrote my to do’s for the next week made a spread sheet, put it in the room and decided to cut down everything I do. It worked for two days. Then I went off track for one day and I was back again. I tried to follow this for many many sunday’s after that. I use to have very active sunday evening and monday was always on track but down in the week. I will start eating junk, I will not work out. There was the lazy me again by thursday and then so that I don’t have to confront this I went on most friday evening. All this went on for almost an year.

Then I learned something from a friend. I call it baby steps. It involves doing something and not completing it, so whatever it takes just don’t complete it. And it’s working. I am stopping this article right here and I’ll continue later…