Break the cycle!

Spread happiness across …

“I want to be a teacher, I want to impart wisdom and spend time with children. I want to empower girls to take up profession roles”, said the grandmom fifty something years ago. But her mom wanted her to get married. Soon she was not only married but also a mom. And her dream got lost in mundane of the household. Birth of her first daughter rekindled her buried dream. She made sure that her daughter is getting a good education and is right on track to become a teacher.

“I want to be a doctor, I want to save lives and devotee myself in the well-being of people”, said the mom twenty-something years ago. But her mom wanted her to be a teacher. And though she always aspired to be a doctor, she had to let go of her dreams and she became a teacher. Every time she saw a doctor in the white coat, she would think, “Though, I couldn’t take the pride of wearing it, my son will make me proud.”

“I want to be a cricketer, I want to make my country proud”, said the son couple of years ago. But his mom wanted him to be a doctor, so gave up his dreams. He worked really hard to crack the exams and got through a medical college. He became a doctor and made his mom proud. And he then said, “I will not send my kids to school, they will directly go a cricket coaching”.

This cycle has to break!

Some hearts will be broken, some dreams would never be achieved but this cycle of putting our aspirations on our children has to break. We have to be brave, we have to own our dreams, we have to live in the present and we have to give out best shot towards getting where we aspire to be. And if for some unforeseeable reason, things don’t turn out the way we planned. Just take a deep breath, close your eyes, maybe cry and then let go of it. If we don’t learn to let go, the coming generation would not be able to build their own.

We need to accept that “it’s okay” for our child to have a different dream than ours, also “it’s okay” to not have a dream at all. What’s “not okay” is to live our dreams through our children. We need to let them live and achieve.

Let’s break the cycle,

Let’s work hard to achieve our dreams today,

So tomorrow, our children can work toward fulfilling theirs.

Let’s spread happiness across…♥️