Best Apps for Android Video Editing

Android video editors are capable to be of great assistance while you edit a video and have the potential to make it look way more appealing. In case you were in search of the best editing apps, then your search ends here. The list of the top three most amazing editing apps is a solution to all your miseries. There are a few ways to edit a video, one could be directly importing a video from your Android mobile phone to a desktop software program and then the other option, keeping an app handy on the Android phone itself for an easy access to editing.

#1. FilmoraGo

If you want a professional tool for the videos you make or the media files that you have in store, then nothing beats the FilmoraGo Video editor. It is one of the best tools available and can also produce a string of slideshows of each of your media files such as photographs and soundtracks. The app is equipped with a user-friendly interface to manage. In addition to this there are plenty more of extra miraculous features like video trimming, rotating, stunning video effects like filters, overlays, animated text and much more.

#2. Viddy

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An absolutely free and one of the latest special media app that offers easy video editing and sharing it with your own groups has taken the market by a storm. The Viddy app equips one to create own social media groups or communities on Viddy and share videos directly on Viddy or even on different social media. Available on Google Android and Apple iOS, Viddy app keeps the desktop addicts happy as well with an option for desktop users Viddy does have an option to include music into videos that you edit making it a more skilled edit and something you will look forward to.

#3. AndroVid Video Editor

A marvellous app that features numerous additions for editors, one who is looking to cut, trim, edit and even put music at any moment will love this professional app that is totally free to make use of on android phones. You can with no trouble cut and trim videos through it and even do away with the part of video that you don’t wish to keep. It also gives the lead over other apps if you are looking at adding text, frames, and even certain effects to your videos. One of its finest features is to convert any video into mp3 free of cost. It is a sheer genius app and works similar to any great desktop software, just simply on Android though.

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