Bohemian Yesterdays

Arial view of Prague Castle

With the sudden turn of the tram, the breathtaking view of the old-town knocked me down. Prague is a city frozen in time, a city untouched by the 21st century.

Tourists at Charles’ Bridge

However, all this also meant, incredible increase in number of tourists visiting the city. Last year alone around 7m tourists visited the city! Walking on the Charles’ Bridge, one of the biggest attraction of the city, was a horror show.

So, I decided to come back at 5am and boy! that was the best decision I took this entire trip.

As I reached the Charles’ Bridge, I was teleported to a different era. There was stories of revolution in the air, sound of violin in the air and, there was definitely a bit of magic in the air.

As you look around at the vibrant colours, you wonder how much of it is real.

Turns out A Lot!

Prague almost came out untouched out of World War II and no the reason was not that Hitler fell in love with Prague. The reason is much more horrific. Hitler wanted Prague to be a “Museum of an Extinct Race”. A walk through the Jewish Quarter will send shivers down your spine.

I fell most in love with the Czech people. How they have converted their churches to hostels, shopping plaza, even pubs! How they have their own version of every story :) How simple and friendly they are.

Few tips if you are visiting Prague anytime soon!

When in Prague, don’t do just the touristy stuff but meet the locals, drink with the locals, party with locals.

Check out the Lennon Wall

Go to Shooter’s island and watch the sun set.

Visit local pubs like Lokal (get a reservation or be ready to wait for really long).

Climb the Petrin Hill to see a breathtaking view of the old town.

Have a gelato at angelato.

Have Czech beer.

Sit at Naplavka and chill out with locals.

Visit the cubist cafe, Grand Cafe Orient.

Forget google maps and get lost in the old town.

Look out for weird statues of Prague

Walk the streets in night (Fun fact: Prague castle lighting is done by Rolling Stones lights guy and sponsored by them, pretty cool yeah?)

Fight to get a decent pic of the Charles’ Bridge during day time

Almost forgot, do check out free walking tour by Sandeman's. (No they are not like a regular touristy walk but college students taking you through a cultural tour!)

And don’t forget to fall in love with the city :)

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