Journey to find my music

Gentle ring stirring a commotion on hot summer afternoon, as children from different corners ran towards the ice cream cart.

Reading harry potter, sitting next to grandpa as he tunes his radio to play ajeeb dastan hai yeh.

Crying my eyes out on missing Enrique’s concert because of a class test.

Relating to every line of Numb by Linkin Park during teenager phase.

Rapping In the End on your way back from school.

Dancing the night away with girl friends on Shakira’s hips don’t lie.

Plugging earphones and getting lost in Coldplay’s fix you.

Binge watching Beatles rooftop concert.

Excitement of sharing new music with someone.

Looking at someone enjoying the music you love.

Exchanging glances when that special song plays on radio.

Watching Jimmy Page’s solo performance during Stairway to heaven over and over again.

Judging anyone who doesn’t sing along bohemian rhapsody.

Shivering in a cold night playing death cab’s follow you into the dark on phone.

Remembering someone when Kabira plays.

80,000 people singing Dil Se Re.

Smiling, thinking of mama singing Deewana Hua Badal.

Losing oneself to with or without you when heart breaks.

Listening to a song so many times that youtube prompts you are obsessed.

Learning Badtameez Dil and irritating the hell out of your friends.

I have been in search of my music since I remember. In search of a music that defines me. In search of a music to celebrate, to liberate, to drown emotions or bring them out.

The journey to find my music is a journey I will never end.

Writing while listening to

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