Nothing good happens after 2am

Let me just explain the title before we start. No deep thoughts. It’s 6am and when I re-read the post, it’s all bullshit. So, I remembered HIMYM’s famous theory of nothing good happens after 2am.

So lately I have been thinking a lot about human existence. And trust me not in a good way!

Just the other day, I found my old iPod. I was ecstatic with joy. Somehow, I managed to find the old Apple charger (yay!). So, I plugged it in and played an old playlist. Almost all the songs trigged some memory. So, of course, instead of increasing my efficiency, the songs made me stop and think about those moments. But suddenly a thought bubble popped up (genuine question: this happens right? You are thinking something and suddenly a thought bubble pops up? Or am I finally officially losing it?). Any way, so yeah, a thought bubble popped up and I heard my voice saying, “Duh-uh! What the f is love? Just few retards decided to place some words together and we all followed and started saying such things to other humans. And on top of it, started looking for meaning in those words and blah. There are just some dammed words!” The term “breaking-up” makes me laugh now and to think I cried over it for days, if not months. Who coined that term, man?

I started watching this TV series, True Detective. (Yeah now don’t start thinking, “what now!?” I already got that from my friends.) So, there was this scene where Marty and his wife, Maggie are fighting and then Maggie says a lot of things which basically meant “no matter how shitty it is, it’s marriage and you have to deal with it”. Say hello to another thought bubble! “What? Why? Why do we have to deal with it? Who decided that? Who make such f-ing rules any way?” No matter how much in love I was (and yes, I know I am being oxymoron by saying that), I never understood marriage. We sign some papers, we empty our bank accounts, our parents’ accounts for something we don’t even get to enjoy! And as if that was not enough, you have to “work” on a marriage!

So, you are getting the drift, right? It’s like things have stopped having any meaning to me.

I saw this french movie which showed the most gruesome rape scene I have ever seen and I sat horrified thinking who gave humans the right to do that to another human. Do we even deserve to live if we are capable of something as horrific as that? We kill animals. Animals are brilliant by the way. Far superior to humans when it comes to love and we call ourselves social animals? Hello, look at a dog, any dog! Remember the dentist who killed the glorious lion, Cecil? Who gave us the right, man, to do something like that? Just because we, fucking, reproduced like rats but are bigger in size, we polluted the whole earth with our presence and we decided we rule it?

Ok I am stopping to ramble now. Just wanted to put my thoughts somewhere. Knowing that I am one of the biggest hypocrite I have ever know, I might fall in love again or even find meaning of human existence. But right now, it hurts to know that whatever I felt was maybe just something society created. Or maybe I am just bored. Or it’s 6am and I should try to get some sleep.