Rainy Mood

It’s a bright evening but suddenly you start to feel a change outside. Dark clouds fill up the sky with strong winds whipping through the streets, howling.

Rain is a word which can scare off any newcomer in Mumbai. It sure scared me when I landed over 2 years back right in middle of monsoon. Till then I had just heard of horror stories of people trapped on road, in trains, at the work places!

Just out from college, with both hate and love emotions clouding my head, in a completely new city, facing an unknown lifestyle, rain beating down the windowpane only made everything more bollywood-like.

Rain is known to maginfy the so called “human feelings”. If you are happy, you jump over the puddles, dance in the rain. When you are sad, you feel the whole world is crying with you! Some wish the rain would wash away everything clean, some smile thinking of a sweet memory. But how many emotions can you have when you get to know Bombay rain stays for good six months? Nobody can be melodramatic for that long!

Once you accept that fact that monsoon is here to stay, carrying an umbrella soon becomes a habit and you realize you don’t really need a passport to visit South Bombay, you start to fall in love with the Maximum City!

After the dust and heat, we welcome rain with open arms. Some rush for cover, some walk, remembering that the sun is still shining behind the dark clouds. And, thus, continues the love & hate Bombay rain story.

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