Famous Indian Astrologers In UK

We also know Indian astrology from the name Moon astrology, It has its beginning from the Vedas which very old blessed texts. There are 12 zodiac signs and 5 elements according to the Indian astrology system and all the five elements, Constellations and Rashis or Moon sign are most important to studying a horoscope. Rashis were urbanized at a afterward stage to abridge Indian astrology. The base of Indian Astrology system is Constellations, which are 27 and the 28th constellation is Abhijeet, which is not used by the Indian Astrologer at the time of studying the horoscope. Indian astrology system follows the constellation which is based on a calendar, where the Moon is in the center, which governs the emotions and mind. Since the Moon is the fastest moving planet amongst the all Zodiac sign so without the support of the Moon no event is possible. That is the reason, we give the prime importance of the Moon in the Indian Astrology.