Ayush Jain

A tragic comedy

I remember how we met

By chance at someplace sometime

Or was it fate, can’t say it right?

I being rational wanted to call it chance

But the dove you are

I gave fate a chance

And so it start

A mosiac of emotion

All petty but pretty real

Of the pain of not seeing you

Of the smile when I see you

Of the barriers to my speech

Of the guilt of not saying what I mean

Of the friendship we share

And the romance about which we never seem to care

So was it fate or just chance

My heart wants to know

I realise its neither fate nor chance

Its just you

And me

And something

that couldn’t be

So I let my heart bleed in poetry

While my mind makes peace with our distances




Do we have time?

To talk

About something

I don’t know what

But something

Thats matters to the both of us

Or probably doesn’t

Last time we were occupied

You had a meeting and I had some work to do

I was itching to

move and you were looking at the clock

We were there but thinking about the next minute

What will happen if I take an extra breath here

Would that second be useful enough?

Shouldn’t I be rushing

You know, to the next thing

I am supposed to do that, aren’t I ?

Get to the next stop and plan the one after that

In hope of getting something better

Can we just talk

With nothing to do after that