9 handpicked apps for Increasing your focus and productivity

Friends and entrepreneurs, Ive been missing you for a while now. Ive been working on ways to improve on myself lately through mobile apps and think these apps can best fit your life to make you reach the Everest.

  1. Evernote: Many of you already know about this app as a simple note making app but let me tell you that this app works wonders for business owners who want to eliminate paper. You can download Evernote on all your devices, sync all the notes with your team by sharing a particular notebook and record all the client conversation with adding note in the middle. This app is feast for entrepreneurs who dont wanna miss the milk. In fact I wrote this article on Evernote and then copy pasted it, that how addicted I am!
  2. Brain Focus: This app is a timer app which has a decent user interface to help you time your work sessions. It aligns your work schedule in a 25 min session and a break after each session which helps you work efficiently without much distractions. Is your timer on?
  3. Left Vs Right: Its a Game! yes a game to improve your brain activity. Shocked? Try matching the patterns for 5–10 mins everyday and it will help you increase your focus through their research pattern games specially designed to enhance your focus
  4. Blinkist: Entrepreneurs who commute through metros or cars and think they are wasting a lot of time can make the most of this application. Read an entire book within a blink, that what the app promotes and delivers quite efficiently. You can finish an entire book in 20 mins with narration in audio and text format. Its a paid app and highly recommended for Hardcore book loving entrepreneurs.
  5. Invoice Simple: This beautiful app lets small business owners and free lancers manage their account, estimate and invoice a client efficiently. It’s absolutely free and easy to use. The best part is no one can ever know about your fast and simple, little trick of invoicing so efficiently.
  6. Switch Off Notifications: Have you read the book Deep Work: Rules of Focused Success in a distracted world by Cal Newport? It says that in today’s world we are most distracted by mails and social media notifications. Human beings cant multitask hence these notifications sometimes can be a big reason for deterring your growth. Download “Switch Off Notification” a basic app where you can choose 5 apps to Switch OFF Notifications. I generally recommend switching it ON back twice a day, morning and evening.
  7. CamCard: Do you sometimes feel embarrassed when you suddenly realise you are out of business cards OR is it a challenge to save someone’s contacts after taking his/her card. Make it a weekly habit of scanning all your cards in CamCard or exchanging contact info through QR code or an E card through CamCard. A must for all networking people as it helps them manage their contacts efficiently, further reducing the burden of carrying a contact diary.
  8. Google Apps: All the apps including maps, docs, sheets and calendar are the most efficient way to plan and organise your daily activities. For multiple meeting and locations you can ‘Add Stop’ in google maps. For project deadlines and timeline make multiple calendars within the google calendar app shared with your team and clients. Use google sheets to automate your business. I highly recommend a way of managing your business via attending Sanjeev Jain’s Workshop for Tech Mastery, he stands in an A Plus category entrepreneurs who has leveraged tech to grow his business from a scale of 1 Cr to 64 Cr+ You may find details of his workshop here www.ceoitbox.com/
  9. BizzyPulse: So here’s the final app of the day. BizzyPulse is an app for Entrepreneurs with a Team of More than 10, 20 or a 100+ salesforce spread across the globe. This app is available on order and has nearly all the features for a millionaire who wants to organise his business to become a billionaire. It tracks, reports, audits and manages the entire workforce with giving out 35+ realtime reports, customised forms to suit each business enterprise. It is available exclusively through team Web Shuttle at www.web-shuttle.com or in fact the co founder which is me, no Im not promoting my app, we have genuinely worked hard for 3 years to solve the real problems of enterprise. The app stands tall with feature of giving out instant company profile, instant proposals, detailed employee tracking, survey and audit management, HR management, Lead Management and some more brilliant tools which an enterprise requires daily