Passenger took me home in his new album

It all started with a cover of ‘Losing My Religionwhen I was looking through Youtube. Although I do like covers but I always perceived the R.E.M classic as one of those which was ‘un-coverable’. Not because it is technically tough- bloody hell, even I can play it on the acoustic-but I guess no one can replicate the magic and aura of Micheal Stipe. Here I am now writing this with Passenger’s cover running on the background. He did it! Sure it is different but he did hell of a good job on it.

I have this habit of looking at the suggestion boxes during seeing one video and then I find out that he is out with his new album ‘Young As The Morning Old As The Sea’.

I play all of them one by one and I suddenly felt like I was back home in India. It was an absolute delight listening to each and every track and especially the lyrics which takes took me on a trip through the narrow roads and lanes where I used to play as a child.

They say home is where the heart is
 but my heart is wild and free
 So am I homeless
 Or just heartless?
 Did I start this?
 Did it start me?
- ‘Home

Unfortunately we are living times where were are devoid of ‘good music’. I am very skeptical of moving beyond the 1990s because after that, the quality of music took a downturn. Contemporary, still for me, hasn’t been able to reach the levels set by the predecessors.

Passenger is one of the few artists who keeps me hopeful that contemporary music is still capable of creating some classics.

He brings with him, a much needed humility and more importantly simplicity in his lyrics. Words with which easy listeners can relate to. It is tough to express feelings and emotions through the simplest of language. Passenger seems to do this effortlessly. On top of that he is blessed with a smooth and quite unique voice which makes him stand out.

I am in a new country. To Michael, if you are reading this, thanks for taking me home for a little while!
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