Times they are a changing for 007

So some days back my a good friend of mine comes up to me and starts go rattle out scenes from the latest Bond movie “Spectre”. He always likes to ruin movies for me as he knows I hate it.

On a more serious note I ask him how did he find the movie, and his reply was a negative one, where he claimed that he didn’t like it as he felt the real elements of a typical 007 flick were missing. Regardless of the Bond girls and the action scenes, my friend is among many people who are finding the latest Bond pictures, namely Skyfall and Spectre, boring and slow.

The astonishing part is that, I expected such a review from my friend. What I have noticed is that, the Bond franchise is going through a major shift in these recent years. They have deviated from their linear path comprising of a villain, the actions scenes and the yes, the women!

Keeping in touch with the vital and above mentioned elements, the Bond pictures are going through a unique phase where we are being exposed to who is Bond as a person rather than just focusing on Bond as an agent.

Many of the ardent Bond fanatics are not accepting this change in the format of the films, but personally I am loving this twist and turns in the what I perceive as a revival of the Bond franchise.

To be honest I was getting pretty stagnated with the previous Bond installments as they did not offer anything significantly different. Although Skyfall and Spectre may not have showcased radical changes, but they had the courage to deviate from the common path.

As the MI6 went through a changeover comprising of a new ‘M' and a new ‘Q’, I feel it is about time the whole franchise also went through a significant makeover which can usher in a new and fresh period for the character and us fans.

To some of the doubters, keep some faith!
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