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Ayush Soni / HEX
3 min readMar 11, 2024

This is going to be my shortest write-up so far. I’m currently writing a full process breakdown for a project we just finished up at the studio, but it’s taking some time. I don’t want it to hold my Medium posting streak hostage so I’m writing a short thread talking about my approach to an exciting e-commerce project we’re working on.

We’re basically working on a cool retail shop selling authentic women dresses from different parts of the world. This store is currently run offline by our clients who travel to various places, find local dresses, review them, and bring them to retail in global markets.

We are tasked to bring a new visual identity and ecommerce website to life.

Below is the v1 of the website I had sketched out. I knew I wanted to keep the brand lean and minimal, so we could turn focus to the incredible dresses featured on the site. This concept was interesting, but overall felt a little too strong in it’s minimalism.

So I took some time to really reflect on what was missing and the answer was right in front of me: the dresses. The dresses were from different parts of the world. Different cultures. This brings a lot of opportunity and scope for a visual identity.

An identity that can be tied together by the vastness of the places these dresses come from.

And so the new direction was born.

We were able to use Visual Electric to work on some awesome landscapes that brought life and colour to layouts. I used Instrument Serif for larger headings since it has a timeless and classic feel to it that really reasonated with the nature of the products features.

I preserved the idea of keeping the dresses at the centre of the identity. The contrast of having these dresses in front of obviously green-screened landscapes was a cool effect that complemented the brand further.

From here I designed the rest of the ecom site keeping in mind of the core UX needed for a shopping experience.

Currently, this site is in development. I’m very excited about this project and I’m looking forward to see it come to life.



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