Studio Update #14

Ayush Soni / HEX
3 min readJul 5, 2024


This is going to be a quick update as I’m taking some time off before my call to go over this last week’s progress and my goals for the coming week.

Last update, I wrote that these 3 items are going to be my main priority:

Post one short-form video on IG

Submit Black Jays project to Creative Boom

Submit upcoming RFP & submit for Retainer

First things first, we got the short-form video out on Instagram. It wasn’t hard or challenging but it was out of my territory as I have no experience with video. Have a look at it here (we got 4 likes on IG lol): I’m going to now try this format every week where we experiment with different ideas for 10–15 sec videos. If something clicks, I’ll stick with it and do it consistently.

Next up, I wrote the pitch to Creative Bloom for featuring Black Jays on their inspo column for their publication but it’s still sitting in my drafts. That’s because I want to work a little bit on the brand images and assets for Black Jays before I send it over to them on a Dropbox file. I’m pretty happy with the way the pitch turned out, but disappointed that it’s still in my gmail drafts and not at the publication’s inbox.

Finally, I did not end up submitting to our upcoming RFP as things were a little busy on the client side for us. But we will still be applying for the retainer in the coming week as I find the time to look over the requirements in more depth.

We also wrapped up Q2 this week and are kicking off into Q3 feeling strong. We’ve had a slow June mainly due to all the travel and client work we’ve been working on, and now we’re back to getting projects booked for the next couple months. Last week, I’d sent over a proposal that ended up not working. The deal fell through after they’d shown interest in the proposal as they found another partner better suited for their needs. Can’t win them all.

Or at least that’s what I thought when I got their email. I find that our past work presentation lacks a level of clarity and cohesiveness as I usually just link to a Notion document with a list of Figma files for our past clients + some context on the project. This leaves a lot of clients a bit confused on what they’re seeing. I think there’s a better way to do this presentation.

I want to break down each project with a small presentation of their brand. And then link out to a Figma file with all of our updates organized. For old projects that don’t follow this organization, I want to simply link out to the raw Figma file the way I do now. The only additional item would be a small presentation of 7–10 slides (or just the brand book) going over the visual identity. This should make the work a lot more digestable which would again increase the odds of conversions.

I have another branding proposal that I’ll be sending this Friday, and my goal is to send that proposal with the updates brand presentation segment. I’m thinking to use Figma slides to go over the brand book and a page hosted on the HEX site with some info on the project + some live links wherever needed.

Also, since I’ll have submitted the Black Jays project to Creative Boom, I want to also try and getting it submitted to It’s Nice That. I’ll email a publisher from here and see how it goes :)

And that should be all for the week:

  • Improve Proposal “Past Work” Section by adding brand presentations
  • Submit Black Jays project to It’s Nice That
  • Try out another video for IG (maybe a new format)

For client work, we focused on: core webflow build for a big site, brand guidelines developement + testing out figma slides, website changes for a vc fund, brand iterations and illustration work.

See ya same time next week.



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