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Thanks for your response Timothy, I totally agree that the picture painted is incomplete. It was not complete in my head even when I started out to write the post, and it isn’t complete even now. But it does get clearer when you talk about the biological aspects of our survival and how we can go to any lengths to perpetuate the species, how we become parasites. It really resonates, and that was also a reason for me to write this post , to see what other people think about it and how they respond to it.

There is definitely more to this thought which I feel needs to be written but I can’t find the correct words for it. I am not a professional writer, which is the reason for the structural problems in the post that you pointed out. I am just trying to put my thoughts on the editor and see where it goes. Sometimes the idea leads the language, at other times, the language leads the idea. It started as a very rough concept and got finer as I wrote more, which is very apparent in the piece. But I did not want to edit out the rough part because I feel sometimes it is more important to see how an idea evolves rather than coming up with a perfectly polished piece from top to bottom. I know I sound amateurish, but I want to stay that way :)