The greatest sorrow in life is being disappointed, with your own self or because of someone else. We are humans to feel that way and it will always be normal to feel that way. The biggest human sadness possible comes from Disappointment. Why didn’t take a earlier bus to the interview? Why didn’t I study hard? Why didn’t I trust my instincts? Why did I trust him/her? Why?

These questions sometimes bring tears in the eyes and makes the empty belly, feel full. To be on the receiving side of these emotions always makes you question the vulnerability of the human life, human Soul.

Oh! How weak art thou?

How can we be so narrow and near sighted. Why can’t we trust in our strengths and in our abilities? Why can’t we accept the fact of life that things are the way they are and they always are for good. Or is it so?

Why do we assume everything is for the good. Is our notion of life so positive and optimistic that we can’t see a single flaw or injustice in it. Can’t we see for a simple fact that things are sometime just bad with no positivity in them. That’s just it. Period.

Are we so vulnerable that we need to hide every failure, every goddamn sadness behind this veil of positivity. Life is full of injustice and in our thought we try to strengthen ourselves by saying that yes it will be ok. It is for the good.

As many sociologist and psychologist argue that it is what makes us going forward even if there is no good ahead or maybe if there is then this moment of sorrow is to play no part in it. Life is not that positive. Sorry to break that bubble of goodness in the world around you. You will face bad times and good times. Some may be helpful many will not be. But to move on you need to have a better motivation than thinking that, what happens, happens for the good. The motivation should be your innate image of your own self and how you see yourself. It may not be happening for N number of reasons but if you want that piece of happiness then you have to work for it, in failure or in defeat.

You are disappointed when you don’t see yourself become the person you know you want to be. It may be little over enthusiastic sometimes on your part to think too much of you but that leads to disappointment.

Alexander Pope said ”Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” but we are people of 21st century and we expect results we need to live a happy life a life with success in it and then we sure expect big things and that will always lead to disappointment.

But as of now all we can do, In the face of defeat and failure, is to look it in the eye and say, “You don’t scare me, I am more than you, and I will belittle you” and that will sure make you move forward. I have from time and again seend rage, anger to be the best motivating powers. So God help you all (or whatever higher power you believe in) in your endeavours and ambitions. GodSpeed to us all.

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