What stops you from becoming who you dream of becoming?


We have always been wondering after time passes, what was that which I could have done differently to change the things as they are right now? What would make me earn more? What would have made me land a job in my dream company? What would I have done differently to save that relation with ex? What is the way?

You surely can’t get back in time and change and somehow you always know where you went wrong. Then why does that revelation come to our mind well in time. My friends would argue this for ‘Experience’. I feel the same way but yet there is something more to this argument. Its not always the lack of experience that makes us fall back to the ground but the fear ingrained in the minds of not succeeding/failing that makes this difference.

We are made of this fear, we live in this fear and constantly live our life as a judgement from the third persons view. Fear is a powerful force, used correctly, there is nothing that can’t be achieved but disastrous should you let yourself be lost and crushed by that fear. You don’t have to look far for analogies to understand this. Take a look at the mirror and there He/She is, the imposter created by the fear and judgement of others. Why did you wear that clothes today, maybe because you like it but mostly because it is the trend and you don’t want to look different because of fear of judgement. Why didn’t you leave that job you curse every Monday? because of the fear of financial instability it might bring, fear of what your parents would think, fear of what your wife/gf might think about you, ‘A quitter!’. Why don’t you study that language or course you love so much and always wanted to study? Because what will your parents say who pay so much for your college fees when you say that you don’t what to do this? Fear of what might come forward if you fail. Knowing well in advance that failure is part and parcel of life and it can come greet us any day any where.

Why have we let fear cloud our own judgement, why do we care about the judgement of the society who doesn’t give a tiny rat’s ass about what you suffer in your life? Why are my decisions driven by what others might think, why is that FEAR in my mind? Rabindranath Tagore said “where the mind is without fear…”

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But is it really though a realizable dream speaking in broader sense or is fear what we need to move forward in life. Great things can be done by being fearless of the things which don’t matter.

Fear kept and to some extent still keeps order in society. Religion is first form of a necessary fear which keeps in check the activities of individual who think 10 times before doing something morally wrong and forever in their life after doing it. A lot of bloodshed was stopped by this fear of God or whatever you believe in. But when it comes to a individual and his fear about material things, it just hinders his free thought and pulls him back to the current state.

I personally believe that not everyone can come out of this shell of fear but to some of you who think they can do great things please DO and don’t fall back because of what people might think of you, if they judge you or if they call you ab-normal. It takes extraordinary efforts to do something that is so great that it outlives you and that is no normal thing, so you are a ab-normal being, accept that happily and cherish in that and keep going.

When I am 70 (if I live to see that age) and I look back over my life, I don’t want to regret over things that I didn’t do as that regret will make me sad on my death bed and that will take away all the happiness of the things that I have done in life. Someone once said to me once, “Regret is the greatest sorrow in life”. Nothing can compare to sorrow that regret leaves and I can say that with my brief experience. So don’t let a stone unturned to do what you want to do in life however different it may be, at least give it a shot so that you sleep happily that you gave a fight and whatever happened gave you closure. There is never a right time to do anything so close to you, so embedded in you but NOW. Now is the time to do anything that you want. Not tomorrow not yesterday not any-day in the calendar but TODAY. If you seize this day and make that first hammer on the shell of fear, you will go places to live a happy life and make a memoir for no one else but yourself and that, is true happiness when sitting beside a river and contemplating about the questions in the first paragraph.

Carpe Diem ! [Seize the day!]

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