When things start to get real… is it 30th already?

Seems like yesterday when I was partying with friends for my GSoC selections, and here it is a day past 30th when the coding period has started. Since then many things have happened, I’ll be telling a few.

The community bonding period was pretty important one for me as I got to know more about my project. I learnt about the NOAO archive and found out its ever increasing scientific significance. Earlier the task which seemed important to me for GSoC suddenly is becoming more and more relevant for the “Science”.

My mentors mentors chatted with me over IRC and Gitter (IRC with UX/UI :p ) and gave me a overview about the project and the test environment that I had to set. During the process I found out specially about the new way though which you can run tests and use Travis-CI on Github. It might be normal for many but this was single most important thing that I learned in past few days. I setup a web-hook on my branch to test my commits before I create PR’s for merge. This will be very helpful to run my tests and make sure my code is in line with the larger repository.

There is still a lot to run and with the development and release of the API for the NOAO archive our work is becoming even more dynamic and useful. June is the time when NOAO’s team, NOAO Datalab will be releasing their archive API.

This is a important trend that I am seeing now, that is the development of data access solutions through API’s as it is the present day technology, downloading the entire archive seems archaic.

Anyways, currently with only a very little idea about how to move forward and what to do in the next few days, I rely and look forward to my mentors to guide me through the initial few days.

It’s going to one hell of a time working on this. Party’s on me when I complete this [successfully].

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