What if I were to die in a year?

As I got up today, I pondered over this question. It was disturbing at first- nobody wants to die. Deaths are insanely scary and sad. You don’t want to think and talk about it, especially if it is about your own death.

But as it settled down, it made me think..

Am I doing all the things I wanted to?

While the answer is an uncertain mixed expression of a YES and a NO, I certainly know what are the things I am not doing that I wanted to. Surprisingly, one of those things came out to be this:

Writing on MEDIUM.

Yes, that’s true. As silly and small as it may sound, I wanted to do this. Since I don’t know when. But I never did it. There were so many untold stories saved as notes on my computer, kept safely in my dropbox, or drafted on Medium itself. I just thought that they were not good enough!

But now, I should not fear, right? I am anyway going to die in a year when none of this will matter. So it’s better I give out these stories to the world. Publish it, ship it, post it.

So here it goes, my first post on Medium.

As I write this, I feel this question is indeed powerful. What if I ask this daily to myself? It would definitely empower me to do things lying silently on my bucket list. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small. Sometimes some of the things we want to do are so small and achievable that we end up not doing it at all.

‘Aah! Will do it later. It’s no big deal. I can do it anytime!’

But we don’t do it. Not tomorrow, not ever.

This ‘death’ question shakes you from within. It brings you back to the ground from the castles you were making in the air for the next 10 years of your life. It pushes you to do everything NOW.

Try asking this question to yourself today. What will be your answer?