Preaching Love on Sunday, and Killing on Monday

A mother scavenging through rubbish, trying to find food for her ill children. A few feet away, a father is crying over his dying son. Then walks by a little girl, holding her older brothers hands. They had to leave their father back in Syria, in the midst of the war. Their mother died on the way here, to the hellhold they call “The Jungle”. This is what is happening in this world today. This is the wretched, and horrific scene that they have to endure on a daily basis. And guess what, these are the lucky ones. These people have someone, for now, cause they don’t know if they get an illness that they never recover from. Family is something we cherish here in America. We protect them, and love them, and we would do whatever we can for them. However, these refugees have to leave them behind. The lucky ones that have the chance to enter Europe, are being bombarded by family back in their countries begging for help, but they can’t do anything other than cut them off. However, the ones that are sent to Europe are being thrown out. We need to treat them correctly.

If you see a child who’s been through hell, a mother whose child died, a husband with a sick wife, and you sit there on your luxury chair and call them terrorist. They fought to come into our country, and you treat them like they are trash. Round them up in one area, and find a way to displace this burden. These refugees want to please us. They want to feel welcomed into our countries. Refugees are our praised guests, and they should feel that way. How would you feel to survive a deadly boat ride, be thrown into what feels like the depths of hell, have families of your own, and others die, be displaced into an unknown place where you don’t speak the language, and be seen as one of the people you just escaped from. You barbaric infidels judge a human by their religious beliefs, their items of clothing, even their language. But aren’t you then as different as them. Different religious beliefs. What you wear are different then the refugees. How you speak, and your language, are different to. The only difference is these refugees won’t willingly judge for who you are. Why do the same?

They escape from the bombing, and the shootings in their home countries. Yet they are still targets. Garden City, Kansas, three anti-Muslim xenophobic idiots attempted to bomb a homemade mosque.Thankfully they were caught. However, the effect was ever lasting. “The arrests have unnerved the Somalis of Garden City, leaving many worried about their safety.”(Healy, Jack. “Somalis Living an American Dream in Kansas Glimpse a Nightmare.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 26 Oct. 2016. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.). These are the types of attacks that are occurring all over the world. These people speak about peace and love, but just seem to be lying hypocrites. How would your lord feel knowing that you attempted to kill a man? How do you think he will feel knowing you place yourself on a platform beside him, and you judge others as if you are god. Preaching love on Sunday, and killing on Monday.

The attacks are a lot easier to do now with the government around the world, rounding these refugees into the hell like environments. Roughly 65.3 million people forcefully displaced people.(UNHCR). Many of them are thrown into refugee camps. Theses camps are the things of nightmares. However, if the camps are too crowded, the government forcefully throw their burdens out, into different countries. Calais for example. A refugee camp in France created by the French government to contain and control these refugees. The camp is now deserted caused by the mass displacement of the French. Many areas like Croisilles,France, where protest are arising because of the refugees being placed in their city. “ ‘We don’t want them!’shouted the demonstrators in this village of 1,900 people, 80 miles from Calais, where the migrants were bused from a camp known as the Jungle on Monday.”(NY times). The government don’t want them, and the citizens don’t want them. Then where do they go.

@refugees. “Figures at a Glance.” UNHCR. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.

The fact that these mothers,fathers,sons,and daughters, all worked so hard to come to the “promise land”, where they could find hope,happiness,and safety. However, all of these things we as Americans and people from developed countries take for granted, are unobtainable to these refugees all because of this bigotry. Al-Shabab,ISIS,Boko Haram, these are the people who tainted the way people see refugees. These are the type of people who try to kill these refugees, snatch their children, and destroy their lives. But let me guess, you believe these cynical people are hiding among the refugees, and are ready to kill your family, and hurt your country.”approximately .00038 percent of refugees in the U.S. have had ties to terrorism.”(Posner, Liz. “How Many Refugees Have Been Linked To Terrorism? The Number Will Astonish You.” Bustle. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.). Not even 1% of refugees have any relations with any terrorist groups. Even U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services director Leon Rodriguez stated “The fact is that since Sept. 11, not a single act of actual terrorist violence has been committed by a refugee who has undergone our screening procedures.”.(“DHS Official Admits: ‘Many’ Refugees Have Been Convicted of Terrorist Offenses in U.S.” CNS News. N.p., 30 Sept. 2016. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.). (Photo Below)

Many ignorant people believe that the refugees will steal their jobs, destroy the economy, and cause a mass financial crisis. Yes,the refugees are coming here for jobs, but they are taking jobs you don’t want.

Many countries,like Turkey,who accepted way more refugees then any other country economy are rising. “Turkey has taken in an estimated 2.2 million, Lebanon 1.1 million, and Jordan six hundred and thirty thousand.Based purely upon these figures, you might think that the economies of these countries would be sagging under the burden, but they aren’t. According to a new report from the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the Turkish economy will expand by three per cent this year and by four per cent next year. Lebanon’s economy is also growing, at a rate of about two per cent this year, which will expand to more than three per cent next year, the World Bank reckons.”(Cassidy, John. “The Economics of Syrian Refugees.” The New Yorker. N.p., 18 Nov. 2015. Web. 21 Nov. 2016.). If these countries, who are not as developed as America or France, can accept over a million many refugees and have a rising economy, we can do it to.

We as Americans. We as people blessed to be part of a country that Gives us hope, freedom, happiness, can’t find a place in our hearts to accept these refugees. We should love them, let them feel happiness, and provide hope by treating them right.

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