How Blogging Can Boost Your Link Building Strategy

According to HubSpot, companies that blog actively have 97% more inbound links compared to those websites without blogs. They also found out that blogging businesses are getting 126% higher lead growth compared to non-blogging ones.

These numbers simply show that blogging is indeed an important tool in helping businesses achieve higher conversions. This is because aside from being an excellent content marketing tool, it also helps in boosting your link building efforts.

Blogging and Link Building

In search engine optimization, blogging is actually used as a tool to naturally build highly quality links.

According to Lawyer SEO Expert, Qamar Zaman, the need to build backlinks naturally is still crucial to increase rankings in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

This is where blogging plays a vital role in helping business websites get more visibility on the SERPs and increase trust and authority. These happened because natural backlinks drive high quality leads that are easy to convert, thus increasing conversions of website visitors into paying customers.

5 Ways Blogging Is Used in Link Building

So, how can you use blogging to boost your link building strategy? Here are tried and tested ways that you can do or start doing right now.

1. Blog Daily

Blogging regularly helps your website gets easily crawled and indexed by search engines. The more blogs you published, the more web pages you create, which can impact on how search engines rate your trust and authority.

The higher the number of your blog posts, the higher the chances people are linking back to them more especially if they are filled with valuable and relevant content.

2. Blog for Others

Reaching out to high authority blogs and contributing a write-up that of high interest to their readers is another way of doing natural link building through blogging.

When the content you contribute is published on a high authority blog, you don’t only get traffic but you also boost your website’s search ranking.

3. Blog about Researches and White Papers

Blogging about researches and newly published white papers is another way of effectively building natural backlinks.

In most cases, bloggers, journalists, and publishers often link back to web pages that feature scientifically proven results from studies and researches which can vouch any claims they wrote on their write-ups. This leads to getting natural backlinks that helps drive traffic and improve search rankings.

4. Network with Other Bloggers

This is actually the humane version of Link Building — the Relationship Building.

Relationship Building actually helps in boosting your Link Building strategy. Getting personally acquainted with fellow thought leaders in your niche or industry can actually help you improve not only the reputation of your brand but also boost your link building strategy as well.

For example, after you attended a conference, you would usually blog about the event and the people you meet to the point that you link back to their blog in your blog post to tell your readers who you met.

This is actually what your fellow thought leaders are also doing. You realize just how natural the backlinks you get from the mentions written by your fellow bloggers.

5. Syndicate your Blogs on Social Networking Sites

Last but not the least, drive organic referral traffic to your blog posts by posting them on your social networking pages.

Your social network followers are your high quality leads. Forgetting to leverage on their existing interest for your brand is a mistake.

Also, although there’s no official confirmation from Google yet that social signals affect search rankings, many studies have proved otherwise. Thus, it is wiser to keep on syndicating your blog posts. Who knows? Google might have been using them but just choose to withhold the information.

But, setting Google aside, many studies have shown that blog posts that are highly shared in social networks and have high engagement are more likely to rank well on the SERPs compared to those with lower engagement.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is one of the most effective and versatile content marketing tools that doesn’t only boost link building, but also helps you maintain brand authority and props you as a thought leader in your industry.

Thus, if you haven’t jumped into the blogging bandwagon yet, now is the time to join. Will you just let your competitors dominate your niche without giving them a fair fight? In the blogging world, you can even fight fairly with big brands. That’s just how powerful blogging is. Don’t be left out. Bring out that thought leader in you by starting your own business blog.

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