Top 5 Blogging Mistakes I Hope I’ve Known Sooner

Anyone can blog. But, only a few can succeed in blogging and accomplished popularity and financial success.

Successful and popular blogs have one thing in common, they have very high readers’ engagement. Because of this, their content quickly becomes viral even though they don’t promote them.

In the course of my professional blogging journey, I’ve made so many mistakes but there are five blunders I wished I’ve known or have corrected sooner.

The 5 Mistakes That Hamper Your Success in Blogging

Mistakes are necessary in order for us to gain knowledge and grow in our respected endeavors. But, if there’s a way you can avoid doing them, it can surely help you save your precious time and effort.

So, here are the 5 blogging mistakes I’ve committed in the past. I hope these would serve as a mini guide for those who have just started in blogging or those who are still struggling to make a career out of blogging.

1. Not focusing on one niche

So far, this is the biggest blunder that I’ve committed. Blogging about different niches is a surefire way to fail in blogging. This is because, your efforts and resources are not focused on one goal.

For example, if you blog about travel and then you also blog about finance and spirituality, there’s no way you can give justice to each of that niche. Also, most readers prefer blogs that focus or specialize in one topic.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you would only read articles from experienced travel bloggers. If you’re planning to buy a high end gadget, you will look for technology blogs that feature reviews about it.

The point is, in blogging, in order for you to gain trust and authority, you must focus only in one niche. Writing about varying topics on one blog is a formula for failure.

2. No consistency

Blogging is just like maintaining a relationship with your readers and followers. If you can’t commit on giving them regular updates, they will eventually look for it somewhere else.

If you are serious in blogging, you would commit yourself to at least update your blog twice a week, or if you have a very hectic schedule you can do it once a week. The important thing is, you do it regularly.

Also, if you stop blogging regularly, you will miss the opportunity of getting indexed easily by big search engines. This can affect potential traffic from search engines which could have helped you gain more readers.

3. Not networking enough

Attending bloggers conferences, social media expos, or even attending simple bloggers meetups to socialize with fellow bloggers are actually very important.

Learning from others and how they do it are totally a different experience compared to just reading what gurus are writing online.

Just blogging on your own, learning everything on your own, and being “anti-social” about everything actually limit your potential as a blogger.

Networking with experts in your niche and even having them as your mentors are excellent ways not only to improve your connections but also help you grow professionally.

4. Lack of authenticity

If you’ve observed another major commonalities among successful blogs, you can tell that those ones who made it are the authentic ones. These are blogs wherein authors “stripped themselves naked” and show readers their real selves.

In blogging, your uniqueness is what makes you irresistible. Your story is your real advantage against others. Admitting your past failures and sharing how you survived them is a manifestation of authenticity.

When you blog, don’t be afraid to show the real you. Your being authentic helps you stand out among millions or even billions of blogs out there.

5. Not engaging enough with my readers

Your readers are the ones that make your blog popular. They are the ones who share your articles on their social networking sites, re-blog them, and other would even create an entirely new blog to react to what you have written.

Not engaging with your readers is just like you telling them that you don’t care about their opinions and you don’t see them as part of your blog community.

Replying to their comments or even mentioning them in your Twitter and Facebook fan page are great ways to extend your engagement from blog to your social networks.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is such a great endeavor. Along the way you’ll make mistakes, learn from them, and grow as a blogger and as a professional.

To be successful in blogging, you need to put serious dedication into your craft and always put in mind to avoid the five mistakes I’ve mentioned in this blog post.

I’m sure you’ll commit more mistakes along the way, but equipping yourselves of the knowledge from those who have already been through it, can save you from all the hassles of failing, and help you preserve your energy to tackle other kinds of challenges. Good luck!

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