Why Is It Important to Hire an Expert That Focuses on one Specialization?

In blogging, most readers trust bloggers who focus on one niche and become expert authorities of what they are writing. This works exactly the same in any other fields.

If you have a cancer, you ask the advice of an Oncologist. If you have a sick child, you visit a Pediatrician. This logic also applies if you are looking for experts to manage the digital marketing aspect of a law firm.

You won’t just go looking for just an ordinary digital marketing expert. You look for a Lawyer Marketing Expert.

So, why is it very crucial that we hire specialists instead of generalists?

Why Hiring a Specialist is better than Hiring a Generalist?

There are instances that it is more practical to hire a generalist. For example, if you are looking for a well-rounded administrative staff to take care of your personal and office responsibilities, hiring a generalist is better because she can work on both your personal and office tasks.

If the task at hand doesn’t require an expertise for a specific field, then hiring a generalist is actually the ideal practice.

But, on the other hand, if the responsibility requires an in depth knowledge and experience on a particular field of expertise, then there’s no question that a specialist is the better option.

Let’s take for example a law firm that wanted to start their digital marketing campaign with blogging and social media. If you recommend to them digital marketing experts who specializes in general business, do you think they’ll achieve their marketing goals? It’s very unlikely.

For law firms, hiring an expert who specializes in lawyer marketing is the better option. Here are the reasons why.

1. More comprehensive knowledge about the industry

Still using our previous example, hiring a digital marketing expert who focuses on law firms is an ideal option for legal service providers because they don’t need to brief these professionals anymore on how the legal industry works.

Lawyer marketing experts have comprehensive knowledge on how to handle the marketing aspect of law firms because they’ve been focusing on that kind of work for years.

This is actually what makes a specialist a very valuable consultant and mentor.

2. Have solid resources and connections in the industry

Because specialists have been focusing their work on a specific industry, they have all the resources and connections they need which can help them produce excellent results.

Back to our example, a Lawyer Marketing expert has all the legal connections and resources compared to ordinary digital marketing experts. When running a campaign for law firms, they have the proper tools and strategies to do it successfully because they simply have all the means.

3. Have credible track-record in their specialized practice

Another important factor that makes specialists more preferable over generalists is their incredible track record of excellently doing what they do best. You can expect only the best because they only focus on their specialty.

If you have a problem with your kidney, you won’t just go ask for help with any doctors, you go to a Urologist because this kind of doctor specializes in treating kidney diseases.

Hiring an expert that focuses on one specialization is rather crucial, more especially if it’s in a very sensitive niche such as the legal industry or in the health and wellness industry wherein a patient’s life is at stake.

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