HXC, prospective users and how to attract more

HXC — High expectation customer

  • HXC is the most discerning person within your demographic.
  • How would you define the kind of person that would most benefit from your product?

5 Questions:

1. Who is the customer that needs/wants your service or product most?

2. Why does your product or service matter to them?

3. How do they feel about your product or service?

4. What is its true benefit to them?

5. Will your product exceed their expectations?

Be selective about which customers you speak to and which ones you don’t. Resources are constrained - focus on best use of labour, attention, money and time.

All prospective users fall into three buckets:

1. Users who have never heard of your product.

2. Users who know about you but aren't using you.

3. Users who know about you but don't want to use you.

Increasing growth in bucket 1:

Requires generating awareness - how do people discover your product/service? Manufacturing these encounters by focussing on product virality, advertising and partnerships that expose the product to more audiences.

Increasing growth in bucket 2:

Requires understanding why customers aren’t using you - is the value added 10x compared to competitors? Why should they switch product/service provider? Remove barriers to using the product/service. Self-service sign-up with no commitments. Demonstration videos, case studies. Do "unscalable" work such as customer on-boarding, reviews and consultations for high-value complicated enterprise offerings.

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