4 Times Timothée Chalamet Forgot His Own Name

Photo Credit: A24
  1. During the filming of the near-universally acclaimed Lady Bird, director Greta Gerwig needed to make sure her actors were comfortable during an awkward, first-time sex scene. Her technique? To have star Saoirse Ronan and her partner use their real names during filming, then dub in the characters’ names in post. It was a good idea, but every time Ronan gasped “oh Timothée,” he would respond, “who?” After nineteen takes, Gerwig asked them to just stick to the script, and film history was made.
  2. Chalamet had a notorious outburst at the premiere of 2017’s other near-universally acclaimed indie hit, Call Me By Your Name. As credits rolled, the young star became visibly agitated, drawing glances from the crowd as he stormed out before the curtain call. When co-star Armie Hammer confronted Chalamet about his attitude at the after-party, he replied loudly, “because I got left out of the [BLEEP]ing credits!” Confused, Hammer called over director Luca Guadagnino, who popped open his phone and showed Chalamet the credits which clearly included the latter in the lead role of Elio. “But why are there so many ‘e’s?” Chalamet reportedly responded.
  3. One of Chalamet’s biggest breaks was playing the role of Matthew McConaughey’s son in 2014’s sci-fi epic Interstellar — but it almost didn’t happen. After a lengthy and grueling audition process, director Christopher Nolan decided to call Chalamet personally to deliver the news he had snagged the part… But was immediately hung up on after Chalamet told him in response to the query “is Timothée Chalamet there?” that, “sorry, we don’t sell sparkling wine.” After phoning back again and being told, “this isn’t a liquor store, you have the wrong number,” Nolan approached the call a third time by immediately saying, “This is Chris Nolan, you got the role.” Later, when filming wrapped, Nolan gifted Chalamet a bottle of sparkling wine as a joke, to which the actor responded, “I don’t get it.”
  4. At November 27th’s Gotham Awards in New York, fans were surprised to see both Chalamet and The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani were wearing matching burgundy velvet suits, a fashion no-no. Unfortunately, the moment was made even more awkward when, after Nanjiani said, “Isn’t this funny, Timothée Chalamet?” he immediately punched Nanjiani in the face, screaming, “Do I look like someone who has an accent in his name for no good reason? Do I? Who does that?” Later, Nanjiani expressed confusion about how Chalamet verbally knew he was using the accent, particularly because the name is pronounced “Timothy.”
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