How do you make the best sales call?

Tasking myself with the job of selling a workshop, I decided to try cold calling. Got some numbers of some possible buyers for my workshop. Did few calls and saw that though some calls went flat, some were so successful that I just did not get 2 customers BUT those customers were “wanting” to share my workshop with their friends.

My analysis showed:

Calls that were successful were the ones, where I was able to build a relationship with the prospect.

The “Relationship of HOPE” of what they can achieve with my training.

Sitting down at the end of the day, I asked myself:

What should be my call script for my cold calls tomorrow?

And the answer was:

Build “Relationship of Hope”


By Inspiring them

How do we INSPIRE?

Step 1: Get to know the person:

Getting to know the person with what he/she is dealing with which is extremely important is step one

Example: After making one of my prospects comfortable to talk about herself, she told me her BIGGEST problem:

“I can’t crack interviews because of certain skills I lack”

Step 2: Earn Respect:

Once the prospect opens up, its important to earn his/her respect. How do we do it?

By honest acknowledgement of what he/she knows about her/himself

Step 3: Take it to next level:

After you have acknowledged their honest knowledge/skills, it’s now your turn to open a world which until now is unknown to them.


In my case when my prospect told me she lacked skills to handle interviews, I told her, she was giving 100% importance to skills you need to handle interview questions and that she explore other alternatives to cracking her job interview.

The other alternative being: Building her reputation before an interview, working on herself more (than the etiquettes of how to handle an interview) because people hire people not for sweetness BUT for WHAT YOU CAN DO?

Even your future employers are looking for:


Feel free to enlighten me on ways you are building your future and careers. Eager to learn and share my learnings.