How I stopped my time slip by?

Hearing Peter Drucker “dont bid your time”, i have been observing myself on how i have been working, spending time. And i found “don’t bid your time” a timeless advice.

Building further on how to do DEEP WORK (by Cal Newport), i discovered the concept of TIME BLOCKS.

Time Blocks: being a 90 minutes block of time,where you focus on that ONE THING to be done.

Working on churning out 20 ad sets for my facebook campaign, i observed that in first 30 minutes itself, of my first time-block, with the target being to smash out 2 routes for my ad, I saw how I ended up visiting too many sites seeking forums where I can get free images, ready templates.

When i look at my entire week and the way I spent my time, I discovered I spent most of my time researching “best ad templates” and the research still did not end and I was sitting on the deadline.

And today looked another day, when my “time-block” would disappear in some research, instead of me rolling out something tangible.

Realising how I was losing my precious “time-block”, I asked myself:
How best can i design the ads, do a good job and finish it on time?

And I discovered the answer lied in: removing unnecessary layers I was adding to do a “perfect task”. The quest for perfection had not allowed me to produce something tangible.

I simplified the job of designing the ads by telling myself: Image sizes, image corrections can be done after I complete making the IDEAS & the messaging (the two most crictical thing required for ad making).

The moment i removed the extra layers of perfection of image sizing/size correction, I was able to end the day with:

20 Ideas for my campaign in 6 hours (be keeping a track of my time through time-blocks) and doing WHAT’S ESSENTIAL and removing the extras from the list

Learning For Me:
Remove the extra things and do THE ESSENTIAL ONLY


Always eager to take notes