How to plan tasks for great results?

I started my day working on an ad-campaign with the objective:

90 minutes: Execute 2 ad routes

While in the middle of work, I saw what I missed.

I did not realise that to finish the concept ads, I would need stock photos, platforms where I could edit the images and make concept ads.

I saw NOT PLANNING for the images and image correction, led me to search the stock images/image correctors online, which led to lot of time gotten into searching for them online.

Result being: I could not finish the task.

Not finishing a task led me to feeling unaccomplished, feeling insecure about my future leading me to losing the other items I had to for work.

Thinking about how best to avoid inefficiencies and to create tangible results, I started thinking.

My thoughts led to one of the learnings from the book “Art of learning”, where the author says mastering the middle games and end games led me to create my on style at chess which made me won championships.

Taking cue from it, I feel the best way to get success and efficiencies is by living the game in your mind. By preparing a lattice framework.

The structure which I have created for myself being:

  1. Seeing what the end looks like and then what are the best ways to accomplish it.
  2. Drawing out the best ways I can accomplish the end-game.
  3. Evaluating each pathways, with each path being detailed.

And last: Holding your urge of finishing it fast.

What’s your way of generating effective results? Any methods you guys have seen OR read, please do share. Working on how best to plan and execute for great results

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