NEW COURSE — Ultimate Guide to JSON Parsing in Swift

Hello Everyone,

I am super pleased to announce that my new course “Ultimate Guide to JSON Parsing in Swift” is now available. I have worked at dozens of companies and one thing that has remain constant in all of them is that they all consume a JSON API. Consuming JSON API is one of the most important and common tasks we do as a developer.

In this course, I will demonstrate different techniques you can use to parse JSON response using Swift Programming Language. I will introduce you to the new JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder classes which can make your life with JSON much much easier. I am also going to demonstrate how you can decode inherited types, arbitrary types, custom types, enums, dates and a lot lot more.

Get the complete course for just $10.99

The original price of the course is $199 but for limited time only, you can get the complete course for only $10.99. Click on the button below to enroll in the course. This deal ends on 05/23/2018 so don’t wait too long.

Thank you for your continuous support! I hope you enjoy the course. Your rating and review is definitely appreciated.



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