What Apple, League of Legends, and Epic are (hopefully) accomplishing

A few big things have happened all at once in the past week, and there are some dots that need to be connected in order for us to see the bigger picture of what is going on in the gaming industry.

Event Number 1

Epic and Apple are duking it out in the courts (as of 10/13/2020). Apple banned the Fortnite app from the App Store which, as you can imagine, Epic took exception to. Epic slammed Apple not only with a lawsuit to get their app reinstated but with an antitrust suit as well.

Although the App Store case has been given…

What the hell is even going on?

Before the internet, it was hard to put your finger on the pulse of the brands and VCs for an industry without having an inside informant, but now we are lucky enough to have LinkedIn and Twitter. Neither the pockets funding players nor the players themselves have any clue what the fuck the other is talking about. So here I’ll dip into what’s going on in the average Siege competitive player’s mind and what the LinkedIn-ers gurus are on about.

What in the hell is going on in the Siege comp scene

Every community has its issues, but of all the petty arguments and daily clout grabs I’ve seen, Siege comp seems…

And that’s its greatest strength

Rainbow Six, Tarkov, and CS:GO all have a similar MO: see dude, shoot dude, win (but a little more tactical). CS:GO and Rainbow Six are based on single life rounds between two teams of five, while Tarkov is more of a, “Hey go in there and then kill people and loot guns and other things before trying to extract” free-for-all. In Rainbow Six and CS:GO, you can end the rounds by killing the entire opposing team, but in Tarkov, technically you could go your entire career without killing anyone.

But that’s no fun

At least to me. I grew up playing shoot ’em ups…

It’s new and improved—I guess?

2020’s been one hectic year for everyone, esports included. As an org focused on Rainbow Six: Siege, the announcement of the new NA League caught our attention and is something we’re still grasping at. What is it, what’s to come, and where’s all this going? What Ubisoft’s end game, and what’s the future of esports look like?

The future of Siege is here.

And it sure is confusing, if nothing else.

What was once a simple Pro League (PL) and Challengers League (CL) co-run by Ubisoft and ESL with a bunch of majors and minors scattered around similarly run by independent groups with the blessing of…

You end up making neither

Valorant has broken records since day one with more concurrent viewers than any other game on Twitch, demanding to be spoken about in the same breath as any other competitively played game. But now that the dust has settled around the Beta, what are we actually looking at? What we’re looking at, is the first of many Riot games hoping to dominate the entire competitive gaming scene.

Valorant has a disarming and charming art style that is criminally reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, most likely due to Moby Francke being the Art Director. There is a large focus on silhouettes…

Venture capital & consolidation in esports

Capital is as capital does—and capital loves underinvestment! Now that esports is becoming more and more recognized by average people as legit and by business as immensely profitable, the venture capitalists (VCs) have entered esports like the vultures they are. What’s happening, what’ll result, and how should we respond?

Back in 2015, what I’ll call the start of the VC invasion of esports began with the super-majority buyout of ESL by the Modern Times Group (MTG), a 30-year-old Swedish media investment holding company, for €78mln euro (over $90mln in 2020 US dollars). …

Bankruptcy in professional esports, & esports’ sustainability

On the tails of the creation of Astralis from Astralis CS:GO, Origen LoL, and Future FC FIFA, the Canadian giant Team Reciprocity has announced its immediate downsizing and effective bankruptcy. What happened, is this the fate of professional esports, and what is to be done?

What happened to Team Reciprocity?

Team Reciprocity logo
Team Reciprocity logo
Team Reciprocity logo (credit to Team Reciprocity).

While Team Reciprocity has never topped any pro-level competitions in any of the games it has had teams in over its 3 year lifetime, the org was never not good and not well known, placing at least in the top 10 of the serious competitions it had teams compete in pretty much every season. So…

God, please don’t make esports like the WWE

I had the all-too-distinct pleasure of reading Chris Hana’s Jan. 30 opinion piece published on his very own The Esports Observer (here (accounts are free)), and I didn’t think that my profound distaste for businesspeople talking about esports could grow any larger. Boy, was I wrong.

So, what’s just so bad about it anyway?

Usually, think pieces just get you thinking about a particular thing; yet the indicativeness of this article as a gauge for the values, desires, and goals of businesspeople in esports is what frightens me the most.

There’s no denying that the world of professional wrestling promotions shares similarities with that of esports—and this is…

Professional esports vs. English football in financial viability

The viability of esports right now as a business is questionable, though the whole industry is seeing a rapid growth in revenues and the creation of new, special esports jobs. In finance, there are a bunch of different tools analysts use to understand how well a company is performing and basically if a company is making enough money to pay off debts and stay in business. To better understand professional esports as a business, we’ll look at

  1. the debt ratio,
  2. the current ratio,
  3. the asset coverage ratio, and
  4. the cash ratio

for the Astralis Group and for Fnatic versus those…

Fnatic’s financial statements reveal little more than that it is a well-run org quickly expanding its business—but the devil’s in the details.

While we acknowledge @H2KRich’s previous success with running a reputable org into the ground, the confusion about Fnatic’s finances comes from a misunderstanding about how to read financial statements and about the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) themselves.

So, what are financial statements?

In accounting, there’s a bunch of ways to report the finances of a business. These ways are called “financial statements.” One of these, the balance sheet, reports the accounting equation for a business:

assets = liabilities + equity

Assets are all the stuff a business owns, liabilities are everything it owes to other people, and equity is the amount of the business…

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