A Crush?

I’m not equipped for this at all, watching him from the corner of my eye. Glancing at him every time he moves. It’s weird, yet I never seem to want stop myself.

First day back at high school,and I was nervous. I was new and only knew a handful of people. Heading to my third period after 2 periods of answering unnecessary questions about myself I wasn’t at my happiest: the walk was long and I was only focused about eating lunch.

I walked into my history class which looked boring because of the lack of decorations or creativity. I looked around trying to find a familiar face( I was early) not to find anyone. My eyes caught a mop of dark hair, walking to a seat I started to look at the boy with the dark hair. Tan skin, wearing joggers and a black tee,and his head tilted down scribbling in a notebook.

He looked up checking the time on the clock and looked around the room, making eye contact with me. “ Freckles” was the only thing that was in my mind when he looked at me. He had freckles that were shattered on his cheeks and nose. Freckles are not something I usually find attractive on a guy but his were adorable. More people walked in including 2 people I knew so class rolled on.

Later on in the day I realized he was also in my fourth period, English. I HATE ENGLISH. If i’m being completely honest I’m not a social butterfly; one of my friends would go to a party, but i would rather stay home and have a anime marathon night — like I do every night. In this very annoying class we had to stand up and announce our name, favorite hobby , and where we’re from.

It’s funny cause I only remember his statement from that day I don’t even remember what I said, that’s sad. His name was Carson ( not real name), he played soccer and was from Iran. Mind you this is the first time I have ever heard his voice and dang it was beautiful. Although he speaks a little fast, I was used to it living with my Jamaican grandma for 4 years.

After being around him for a while I was really starting to like him, he was really smart, like“ I can solve a rubix cube in less than 5 minutes smart“. He made friends with dorks (it’s a compliment) they were very funny.

He was really intriguing, which is something I’m not equipped for.

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