I am the Universe

“You are what you eat” — ok, then, I’m a giant dumpling with mayo and ketchup.

I breath. Inhale. Air fills my lungs and oxygen dissolves in my blood. It becomes a part of me. Exhale. Oxygen that was inhaled before comes out as carbon dioxide and water… Actually this is a constant process. It’s like a wind blowing through me. Doesn’t that oxygen in my lungs yet not me? Does that exhaling oxygen coming from my nose already not me?

My eyes are open and fluctuations of electro-magnetic fields stimulate special cells and propagate further. They go along neurons to my brain, stimulating other cells, creating unimaginably complex pattern (and, by the way — this pattern still part of the same electro-magnetic field). This fluctuations were traveling thousands of years through emptiness of the space. I see the stars in the night sky. Their light born far away becomes part of me and now cannot be separated from me. So where does the star end and the “I” begin?