VR Dream

Virtual Reality Dream — An Invention or Discovery

Technology has been trying to invent virtual reality to enable human beings to dream at will. Devices like VR headsets are on the rise to experience virtual reality but only limited to sense of hearing and vision and to some extent the physical touch. Some advanced systems have also used other sensors to control moves within the realm of virtual scene. There have been lots of improvements in the technology to achieve a more realistic experience but we are still far away from what the dream is all about.

The dream is about dreaming a dream, just like we do almost every time we sleep. There is no device required to get to the virtual world that is as real as the real one. It puts us in a world where we experience life in a way that makes us scared, happy, relaxed, exhausted even discharged. It lets us experience our past, future and put us in a world that we have never seen and would never see. The beauty of such an experience is that it does not let you drown in it and automatically brings you back to the real world as soon as it gets intense to the level that may hurt your physical being. At times, we do want to stay there for a little longer but it ends. Other times, we wish it ends soon but it keeps going for a little longer. It is sometimes black and white and at times colorful. It leaves an image on our brain that sometimes lasts for such a short period of time that we do not even remember by the time we wake up and sometimes it leaves an image in our brain that lasts for a life time. The feeling of gravity during a free fall and the experience of flying is all so real yet at no cost to us. One aspect that is not understandable is that when and how does it start and when and how does it end?

How does it happen?

Not known yet, but one thing is clear we do not wear any devices to experience it. A certain mode of our mind is activated and deactivated. Do we need an advanced technical device to control it? That would be a great invention or is it just a discovery away for us that may not require any advanced technological device.

Technology can do wonders if it would develop something to enable us to collectively dream a dream, like we all can watch the same movie with our own experiences.

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