How I plan to become a better learner

1- What 1–2 challenges do you face when learning new things (or when trying to get work done)?

Whenever I tried to learn any new thing I feel less confident that may be I am not able to learn this or I am not the person who should learn this. Feelings of fearness always come to my mind that what will happen if I would fail to learn these things so fear of failure is the great hurdle which keep me away from learning and practicing new things.

2- What are 1–2 most important takeaways from the course that you can use in order to overcome or reduce the challenges that you face?

The important take away in order to reduce the challenges I face to learn the new things are the use of Pomodoro technique and the positive thinking like Barbra said she initially hated maths but at the age of 26 she started learning it and also give sometimes a small gap to herself and finally she is the professor at engineering college now. So by practicing and by using the diffused focus mind we can look up at the bigger picture and with a dark pattern that makes us easy to understand the problem.

3- How are you planning to apply these takeaways to your life?

I will definitely apply these techniques and take aways that I learned from this course and specially pomodoro technique and practicing life long learner. Diffusive concept of learning is also very effective which helps to learn things on the broad view. There are other takeaways like we have to think positive and making a list on daily basis and on weekly as well, also there is an update for exercise that it helps in building the new neurons which help in solving the problems.