Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain

In life we have to lose something if we want to get something most precious to us. Everything in this world requires sacrifices to gain something. I would like to share a beautiful quote here;

Sacrifice does a lot

I would like to share my own story that Before exactly 4 years ago when i got good marks and position in district my parents and relatives shows his trust towards me and said me to go out of city in Lahore for study purpose in a well recognized university. At that time i was a kind of person who even felt uncomfortable to go to their relatives home. I did not go to the weddings and all other events in my family. I was that kind of boy who never go out of his house even months except going college and college to home.

That were moments mixture of proud, happiness, trust of others and sadness. On one side i do not want to be apart from my family but on the other wise i also had a wish to pursue my study in a well recognized university,

Anyhow when i came here in Lahore first month was really tough for me to stay over here and sometimes in first month i did phone call at home and i said that it is not suitable for me to pursue my study here i can not feel well here But my elder brother and friends in hostel had discussion with me and motivated me to pursue study here.

Afterwards i made my determination to live here and did my best and finally i have got my 4 years degree transcript and the feelings right now is that i do not want to go back and i want to make my career over here so that i can call my family here as well.

After facing many hardships i want to become entrepreneur and i know for this i also have to bear some other pains and failures for which i am preparing myself. I want to give maximum job opportunities to our talented youth. I have a dream to help the poors as much as i can do in my life.