Learning from Others: Exploring the Life Purpose of your Network

Sometime we can not judge our passion and can not find right path. We can not decide that what is the thing i can do better in my life and i can contribute towards the society.

So to understand ourselves we can get the help of others by asking their purposes of their lives. May be one of them can be best suit on ourselves. So i decided to do this through an email and by asking my different friends about their lives and their purposes they want to accomplish.

What did you learn by talking with them?

I had conversation with friends and asked their dreams about and i cam to know that there are some similarities in the dreams of every person like all people want to get luxurious life and life with full of peace in any way. Some of them have something unique also like some one want to get some things for his family etc. I realized that most people make dreams so high and may be they are achievable for them or not. But some people think his future as like they are now. So both sides are harmful i think so. I also learned that every person has dreams but have no right path to accomplish it. Most of us do not have right guidance and knowledge that how to do everything perfectly.

Did your conversation with them help enhance or change anything that you learned in this course?

I learned many new things like how people discuss their purpose of life with others to get useful suggestions to accomplish it. Some of people give up their dreams even after failing once or even with the fear of failure. Some people just think big but do not try to make it happen and just wait for right time and wait for someone else who will come and will help them but it does not happen and they die with all of their dreams.

How does their why compare to your why?

As every person wish to do something remarkable so that they can change the world and attitude of others. Many people see themselves on peak point specially in their teenage so its common to have big dreams for all fresh graduates.

What do you think your why is?

I always wonder that in spite of having such a nice and like a heaven piece of earth Pakistan then why we are so backward from other countries even who do not have enough resources so far. Even all the big nations and developed countries want to get this piece of earth and they see it as golden sparrow than why we are not able to make progress in real way. Why we are not able to make difference with others less developed countries. Being a Pakistani i always dream about seeing a developed country where every young person have a choice of doing job. I want to see the society where every person will understand the teachings of Islam and will follow all rules of Holy Quran and of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). I will contribute my best efforts and my dreams will come true in near future IN SHAA ALLAH