Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

I consider my that day as one of the best day in my life when I enjoyed a lot with all my good friends and had quality time. I enjoyed the most that day was the care for each others and to call each others when we were passing through different destinations for tour.

As we visited 4 to 5 places and we were divided into different groups which were required to present their knowledge regarding these places. So it was really healthy activity which helped us to understand and to hear about these places and their history. As my groups also presented well and I also participated in this discussion while sharing my knowledge about Badshahi Mosque.

Sharing knowledge about Badshahi Mosque

I visited most of these places before but I could not know about these places before that day. On that day of session as everyone shared his knowledge and thoughts which helped me to know about these places deeply.

one of the Happiest day of my life

As we all were very happy as we can see in this picture as well that is why I consider that day as the happiest day of my life when I enjoyed the trip with me batch fellows.

I will never forget those moments ever in my life which I spent with these fellows that day and I wish to have these kind of moments again with these fellows.