Sharing a story of your mentor

When i was in college life i had dream to get admission in well recognized university where i can perform well and which will help me to make my career better. In college days i always thought about this thing and did hardwork to get good marks but did not have right direction so there was a list of persons in college board who have achieved first positions in last years. There was a name on board of a boy who was my neighbor and i thought to contact with him and to take advice from him because he was studying in my dream college which was Hailey college of commerce, Punjab university, Lahore.

I got many piece of advises from him and because i had direction and right advises and i was motivated from him. I also got first position in my college out of 400 hundred students. I even got position at my district level.

After that i always discussed with him about how to prepare myself to get admission there and always asked about the admission opening date etc. He always answered me positively and motivated me.

I always behaved with humility and politeness when I asked anything. It was my courage who helped me to ask him about things and I discussed my thoughts and questions.

Now it has been four years of this thing and I still remember those days that how my humility that time helped me out to learn new things and now I have completed my 4 years degree. If i did not behave with humility then it was not possible to learn from others and no person can guide others who do not behave well with others.

So the main thing is that every person want respect. If we want to get true advice then we will have to behave politely and humility. Every person has self esteem. If a person who has reached some point due to his hardworking and intelligence he definately has more self esteem than others who are struggling. So we must make it a permanent part of our lives if we really want to learn from others and if we want to have help from others because no person in this world can survive alone.